Microgaming Release April 2017 Slot

This time we are back to a 9 pay line format that blasts players into a quick animated action packed slot with some never seen features from Microgaming technologies.
Cool Buck Slot

A clever design does away with flashy outer animation and rather centers players on the game play! The highlight of the game’s awesome displaying prowess is the new way to play free spins. This feature allows players to collect free spins and bank them.

Of course, the slot also includes the fantastic features that come with many of Microgaming’s slots.

Included in this array of cash grinding features are super stacked wilds giving players more chance to land combos with a wild card!

Stacked wilds were a Microgaming invention that came only a few years back and have since become a regular feature increasing the payout percentage on the slots they are featured. Since the invention of stacked wilds, we have started to see ‘Super Stacked Wilds’.

Wilds were originally stacked in blocks of 2 or 3 on the reels, but with Super Stacked Wilds, we are seeing the popular wildcard feature spinning the reels in blocks of up to 5 symbols!

In addition to stacked wild symbols, there are scatter symbols littered across the reels offering multiples of not the line bet, but the actual total amount wagered on the spin itself. Scatters are a long-time feature on many slots stretching back to the very beginning of 5 reel virtual slot machines.

Scatters are incredibly popular not just because they offer an overall multiplier on the spin bet itself, but also because they come with different rules than symbols. They do not have to line up on a pay line to count as a payout. If 2, 3, 4 or 5 are visible on the reels, then players are paid out the multiple according to the number of scatters in view.

What Else is New?

Microgaming have built Cool Buck with brand new technology. Every spin is a high impact wager giving players the maximum they can get out of their game play. The slot was released on April 5th and is available at nearly all online casinos that feature Microgaming slots.

To try out this new technology, just go out there and find a decent casino bonus code that will provide free spins and wagers to test out just how the technology impacts game play. More will be revealed as we see this slot start to frenzy with reviews!

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