Microgaming Virtual Slot Drops out $400k

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Just recently a player on the progressive slot machines provided by Microgaming technology has pulled out a drop in progressive jackpot of $400k.

It was the Major Millions slot machine that had ramped up a massive jackpot drawing the attention of thousands of players to get in on the 5-reel action the machine provides. In the end it was a man from London in the UK that managed to squeeze the cash out of the coffers which was bubbling up just waiting to burst into someone’s lap.

The player, known as just Cliff, had only just started a morning session on the virtual slots, and at the time of the drop in win he had only rolled through £3 of his cash. News has it that the online casino in question providing the game has actually seen this particular slot pay-out now in excess of $1 million dollars with players from around the world attracted to its enticing game play.

Major Millions has a comedy military theme played over 5 reels and 15 pay-lines with a min and max bet of 0.20 to 3.00 in the currency the player happens to be playing, usually Dollars, Pounds, or Euros. It is a straight progressive jackpot game with combinations wins. There are no free spins, bonus games or multipliers giving it pretty basic in concept for such a high paying machine.

However, the slot offers wild symbols, and these are no ordinary wild symbols. They make up for the combination jackpot that dished out the recent $400k progressive jackpot. For that to happen 5 wild symbols need to land on a pay-line that has been staked, and so the progressive jackpot will drop.

Aside from the wild symbol being the key to the progressive jackpot it also has another job, which is the same job a wild symbol will have on any other slot machine. When one or two of the wild symbols land into another combination of symbols it will act as a wild card and pretend it is also one of those symbols, and thus it will extend the value of the win. Also, it will complete combinations if they need one more symbol to reach the number symbols needed to turn that combination into a pay-out. Essentially, it becomes a substitute symbol.

On top of wild symbols the million dollar progressive slot a lso provides scatter features. Scatter symbols are a real handy tool on slot machines. They work in a slightly different manner to combinations whereby a combination win will only pay-out multipliers of the stake wagered on the pay-line the combination landed on. Additionally, combinations can only complete into a pay-out if all the symbols land on the same line.

Scatters on the other hand pay-out as long as a set number of them have landed on the reels. It doesn’t matter if they are on a win line, or if the line has been wagered making them easy to roll in. Scatter combinations will then pay-out a multiplier of all bets added together across all pay-line, so they pay-out according to the total spin bet rather than the total line bet.

Progressive jackpots are as always high paying entities. On Major Millions it is consistently ticking upwards, which in this occasion it ticked up to almost half a million. For Cliff to win this jackpot he had to stake all 15 lines for it to count at any stake making it a minimum spin of $3 per spin as the minimum line bet is $0.20.

As with all progressive jackpots, eventually someone has to hit the combination or the trigger that will release the cash, and for a small bet you could win a life changing casino bonus. Congratulations to Cliff from London, who has made it half way to becoming a millionaire.


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