Mobile Casino Banking has Never Been Easier

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Online casinos have been around for years now. In fact the first one was started by Microgaming back in 1994 when the internet and the World Wide Web were just making their way into office and then people’s homes. Since the start of the financial dealings of online deposits and withdrawals there have been many lessons learned along the way.

Gone are the days of hackers that can get into online financial systems and gain sensitive banking information

When the internet started there were numerous stories related to internet fraud, but this is not to be mistaken as account hacking on the casinos. Account hacking and credit card fraud are two different things. Online casinos have always been the subject to internet attacks whereby hackers have attempted to access user accounts, play with their money or gather credit card or other banking information for fraud.

The lessons of the past have been learned, and now any reputable online casino can safely say that they have a 0% hacking rate. Only saved username and passwords or someone discovering these details have been reported, which of course a firewall cannot stop. Password security is like any other password such as email or a laptop logon. The user is responsible for keeping this information safe.

Up to date and advanced firewalls these days are virtually impossible to hack. At least at the online casinos they are impossible to hack due to the amount of cash invested in the highest of quality and safest systems as well as on those that configure these routers. Even those that work on online casino sites are put through stringent background checks to ensure that all personnel are sound in character.

‘Safe, secure SSL certificates and third party financial clearing companies are now common place guaranteeing fraud protection’

Firewalls used to connect to both desktop and mobile devices in the real money online casino industry are now using some of the most advanced encryption and security features known. 128-bit SSL security certificates randomly issued with impossible to crack codes are used to verify user information and financial information.

Furthermore, these certificates are sent through encrypted virtual tunnels, so even if the tunnel were to be hacked, any hacker would find it impossible to gain any more information once they hit the SSL certificate. The certificates are issued on a per connection basis using a new unique code every time.

This means that should the hacker gain the certificate, that SSL certificate is tough to crack, and by the time a hacker does crack the security information, the certificate would have expired anyway thus account security for casino members is fully protected.

Next, when it comes to financial transactions, third party financial organisations that specialise in internet security and online financial clearing transactions are used. These companies also use highly encrypted software and firewalls, and in addition, they have intelligent software that can detect fraudulent behaviour. Not only this, the financial companies are connected to global databases. Any reported stolen or cloned cards are quickly detected.

‘Online financial clearing companies such as Olorra Management are connected to huge databases that detect fraud in seconds’

Should the card have not yet been reported as stolen, this really doesn’t matter. When a card is reported stolen or financial account compromised and reported after a transaction has been accepted, the financial company in control of the account in question will send out messages to databases. The online financial clearing companies will immediately hear about it and take action to reverse these transactions and decline any further attempts to use those cards.

Weighing all this information up, the online casino industry is no way an easy target for hackers or financial fraudsters making online gambling completely safe in today’s virtual real money gaming environments.

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