Montenegro to Offer EU Gambling Licenses from 2012

By Debra SaundersGoogle


The country of Montenegro is in the south of Europe and has been autonomous from Serbia since 1996.  While they've since kept a relatively low profile, the country enjoys political stability and EU membership.  In a bold move, being that it's the first time they are really signaling full independence from Serbia (and risking possibly angry retaliation), Montenegro has announces that they are going to offer EU-compliant, online gambling licenses starting from January 2012.  The move was preceded by the country passing an online gambling law earlier this year.

Montenegro offers an attractive package for online casino operators, especially new operators.  The fact that they are a part of the EU is a huge factor but unlike some of the larger European countries, they offer a liberal approach to online gambling regulations and competitive banking and hosting solutions.  Most noteworthy, as compared to other EU countries, they offer businesses very low corporate and personal tax rates (only 9%) and they do not limit remitted profits and interest.  Also, a factor that greatly affects new brokers, they do not ask for a minimum amount of capital in order to apply for a gambling license.

New online gambling operators, or online gambling operators looking to acquire the Montenegro license will be able to do so within 1 week and the registration period is a mere 2 days. 

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