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For the casino side of things it is tough to understand what exactly the reasons are for players using multi-accounts, but when it comes to poker you can understand exactly why the online poker rooms are worried.

The one reason casino sites don’t allow multi-accounting is because of the sign-up bonus. A lot of players will go for the no deposit casino bonus or for the casino bonus codes that come with signing up for an online casino account. Using this tactic with multi-accounts allows those that sign up better odds of actually turning their bonuses into real cash and a powerful bankroll.

As for poker accounts, not allowing players to have multiple accounts stands to good reason. Not only can these players take advantage of bonus codes, they can also gain an edge on the tables they are playing at by using more than one account on the same poker table.

Multi-accounting has been a problem for the poker card rooms for some time now. A player may have three accounts all running from different IP addresses to avoid detection. On a six player cash game this gives the player an incredible advantage. Firstly, rather than being able to see just two cards pre-flop, due to the fact that the player has three screen names sat the table, he/she will already know about six cards pre-flop. Secondly, eliminating hands from your opponent’s hand range becomes easier.

One aspect that poker players base a lot of their decisions on is the hand range they suspect their opponent to be holding and playing with from certain positions. Eliminating cards from an opponent’s hand range becomes easier because the multi-account player has the advantage of knowing about more cards that are out there.

For instance, if the three multi-account hands have A-7, A-3 and K-Q, odds would have it that there isn’t another Ace out there.

You can fold the two weak Ace hands in the face of a fierce raise from your opponent, but continue with the stronger K-Q hand. Let’s say the flop comes A-6-J and your opponent continuation bets. It is easy to push back with a re-raise here for the multi-account player even if his/her opponent has hit the Jack. The chances are your opponent does not have the Ace, and a raise will represent the fact you have an Ace.

Other situations multi-account poker players get an edge are when calculating draws. The mathematical advantage of knowing about flush cards is huge. If all three of your hands included one club card, and the board has club-club-heart out there, the chances are your opponent will not hit a flush if he/she decides to chase this hand.

Online casinos are worried about fraud, identity theft and giving away extra bonuses that are meant as a onetime deal for an individual. Whereas online poker rooms know exactly what damage can be caused to the reputation of their site as well as what can happen to their customers on a table that is being dominated by three players working together.

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