Nevada Considers a License for Bally Online Gaming

By Maria McCoyGoogle

According to reports, the Nevada Gaming Control Board unanimously recommended that Bally Technologies be approved for the state’s first online casino games license. Though the company did not receive the license, as of yet, the state of Nevada is moving forward.

The hearing held this past week by the Board signifies the first instance of the consideration of a legal online casino games license in the United States.

Bally Technologies executives spoke at the hearing and answered questions posed by the Gaming Control Board members. Many of the questions revolved around the company’s recent acquisition of Chiligaming, a European casino games online platform. Bally Technology’s general counsel Mark Lerner presented regulators with proof that Chiligaming had not taken action from American bettors since 2008.

Since Bally is a manufacturer and operator of online casino gaming systems, the company must partner with an existing Nevada casino in order to operate in the state. It will not be licensed to run a top rated online casino games site independently. Bally already made a partnership agreement with Golden Nugget Casino, brokered just prior to the purchase of Chiligaming.

The next step in the process is securing approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission, which is scheduled at the end of June. Should the Commission pass it, Bally will then have its technology tested to make sure it meets the requirements of gaming officials.



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