Nevada Says Policing Online Gambling Possible

By Debra SaundersGoogle

Nevada is the first U.S. state to green-light online gambling.  It is safe to say that the other forty nine states will be looking closely at Nevada to see how things turn out.  Mark Lipparelli, the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board claimed that it is possible to police online gaming.

There are those who fear that if online gambling becomes legalized in the United States, a Pandora’s Box will opened and there will be no way to keep the situation under control.  Lipparelli said that though there does theoretically exist the possibility that someone could figure out a way to cheat the system, that situation exists with any online system that involves monetary transactions.  There is no reason to think that online casinos will be less secure than other websites that have monetary transactions taking place.  He said that any cheating that does somehow take place can be caught quickly and dealt with.  He said that the commonly mentioned problems of money laundering, gambling bots, problem gambling, and underage gambling are all solvable problems.

He explained that since the online casinos are just as concerned about these issues as everyone, and especially concerned about cheating, they developed sophisticated analytical software that can indentify any irregularities in someone’s playing.  The online software can track players and analyze them, and all this is done without any real money involved.  Once a player wants to actually withdraw money, validation is required and a paper trail leads from the casino to the player. 

Lipparelli recently testified before a congressional subcommittee on the issues of online gambling.  The committee was considering the creation of a legal framework for licensed online poker, though no significant progress has yet to be made on the issue.

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