New Games for 2012 from Playtech

By Maria McCoyGoogle

Playtech, the leading online casino software developer, has released new games for the year 2012.  The two casino games headlining are Desert Treasure II and Fishing Buddies.

After the success of Desert Treasure, many online casino reviews expected Playtech to release a follow to the popular video slot game.  The new and improved version, though the symbols featured in the game are the same, the graphic design and background music have been improved greatly.  Differences also exist in the actual game play, for example, the Golden Cobra, which in the previous version of the game was just a regular wild symbol, serves as an expanded wild in the new version of the game.  As opposed to the mere 10 free spins that were offered in the last game, the new game has a free spin feature that offers 25.  The bonus feature begins in an oasis.  There, the player will have to choose from different treasure chests offering prize or map.  The map allows the player to advance to the second stage.  The second stage has two possibilities based on where the player chooses to go.  One is called the Secret Tent and the other is the Hidden Sanctum.  At every stage of the way the player has more chances to win.

Fishing Buddies is a fun video slot with a great multiplayer twist.  While up to five players can play at once, they wager separately, but can see their wins and losses.  Speed is also a factor.  If a player plays to slow, they might miss an opportunity to play in the bonus round.  The bonus round features two levels.  Only the top three players from the first level of the bonus round can move on to the second level of the bonus round.

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