New Games from Cryptologic

By Maria McCoyGoogle

Excitement is brewing among players at Cryptologic casinos – after years of dormancy the game developer recently announced that four new Cryptologic games will be going live this fall. 

One game is called Battle for Olympus.  Battle for Olympus is an online slot game with a Greek mythological theme.  Its attractive features include 50 paylines and a bonus game.  The bonus game entails an epic battle between the Greek gods Hades and Zeus.  The player has to decide who he thinks will win the battle for Olympus.  The max payout per line is 2,000 coins, though that can be tripled by getting a combo with the wild symbol.

The second Cryptologic game is called Horns & Halos.  Horns represent hell, while Halos represent heaven.  This game has 15 paylines and six reels, three for heaven and three for hell.  Each one (heaven or hell) has a gate that needs to be opened.  When a player has reached ten gates (on either side), a bonus of 10 free games is given to the player.  The top payout (per line) is 1,000 coins.

Juju Jack, the third game, has 25 paylines and five reels.  The theme is Louisiana witch-doctor.  The bonus game involves tormenting a voodoo doll for bonuses and prizes.  The top payout is 2,000 coins. 

The fourth new game is a form of baccarat called Baccarat Mini.  Baccarat Mini is generally played using the same rules as American Baccarat.  The table is smaller, about the size of a blackjack table, and “seats” five.  The player can bet on the banker or the other players. 


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