New Jersey Makes Progress on Online Casino Legislation

By Maria McCoyGoogle

The state of New Jersey continues to move ahead with its decisions on online casino games. Recently, the state Assembly voted in favor of Sentator Lesniak’s e-gaming legislation, A2578, which gives authorization for players to wager online at casinos in Atlantic City under a prescribed set of circumstances. This past week, three assembly members approved the bill, while one voted against. Bill A2578 is a supplement to the Casino Control Act.

This success comes shortly after the passage of the S1565 bill, which grants permission to Atlantic City casinos to take bets from players in other states and countries, as long as federal and state authorities agree that it is legal. Supporters of the bill are hoping to play at top rated online casinos legally within the state.

There are many supporters of the online casino games legislation, including Robert Griffin, CEO of Trump Entertainment Resorts and President of the Casino Association of New Jersey.  

Griffin stated, “The state of New Jersey must be in the forefront of legalizing this emerging marketplace. The state should regulate this activity, enforce strict standards to ensure the games are fair, and collect revenue rather than allow profits and jobs to illegally go overseas.”

Senator Lesniak commented, “We want to take the lead. We don’t want Nevada to take the lead. New Jersey has already lost out on about $200m because of Governor Christie’s 2011 veto.” 

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