New Online Gambling Regulation in Serbia

By Debra SaundersGoogle

Serbia has adopted a new set of laws to regulate online casino gambling.  The purpose of the new laws is to put an end to two problems that have plagued Serbia: illegal online gambling and the money laundering it facilitates.  However, this essentially opens the door for creating a legal online gambling market in Serbia.

JAKTA, the Serbian trade organization that acts as an umbrella organization for all the gaming operators in Serbia, met with the Serbian Gaming Board (SGB) after the signing of the new legislation and expressed their optimism as a result of the new laws.  Having been the lobbying body that pushed for the passing of the new laws, they certainly had reason to celebrate.  They were the body charged with the responsibility of researching the local casino markets ahead of the legislation.  They also looked into the regulatory measures taken in other EU states. 

The SGB director said that the new laws address three important issues.  They supervise online gambling, authorize electronic monitoring of casino operators, and regularize taxation.  Before the passing of these new laws, it was quite difficult for a legitimate operator to stand a chance against the black market casinos.  The black market casinos have been the uncontested owners of the Serbian casino market for many years.  The new laws authorize the SGB to take action against the clandestine operators.  In order to enforce the laws, the tax authorities and the Ministry of the Interior will collaborate with the SGB in order to take down the black market operators.  The hope is that in addition to shutting down the illegal industry, the new laws will also reward the legitimate operators and increase tax revenues. These laws will help players enjoy a safer online gambling experience with better online casino bonuses.

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