New Policies in Europe Require Users to Leave Cookies

By Debra SaundersGoogle

The online casino games industry in Europe is facing new policies that will require users of top rated online casino games sites to provide permission for the website to leave cookies on their computer. The new policy is scheduled to take effect within the next two months.

When accessing the vast majority of websites, most users do not know that small text files, called cookies, are stored within the memory of their computer. Cookies help websites remember user logins and passwords as well as shopping cart purchases. They also monitor a user’s internet activity, which makes some uncomfortable.

Many of the best online casino operators are working toward putting the necessary steps into action, but gambling industry insiders approximate that nearly 95% of the websites are not compliant.

Some critics arguing against enforcing the cookie policy say that placing this information in the operator’s terms and conditions or privacy policy is enough. However, those operators that ignore the new regulation can face fines up to up to £500,000.

The European Information Commissioner’s Office has made it clear to casino operators that it wants users of top online casino games sites to knowingly indicate their acceptance of cookies.

The new policies mean that providers of casino games online must be more open and direct about their terms of usage and having users opt-in to accept cookies. It is now no longer legally enough to put this information in the terms and conditions section.

Joanne Bone, a partner at Irwin Mitchell’s Business Legal Services in the United Kingdom commented, “The industry has been waiting to see who will ‘blink first’, but time is now running out to achieve compliance before the Information Commissioner’s deadline of May 2012.”


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