New Self Exclusion Option Helps Players

By Debra SaundersGoogle

Though most players can safely enjoy online gambling, some players do not know when to call it quits.  Typically, they gamble with too much money, loose, and then gamble more to try to win back their losses.  Precisely for players like these, Verify has released a new self exclusion technology that will help problem gamblers keep themselves away from table games for a predetermined amount of time.

The uniqueness of the technology lies in its multi-casino operation.  It’s no help to a problem gambler if he can’t keep playing roulette at one casino since he can go to the multitudes of other casinos online.  The new Verify technology has the capability of blocking a player from any online casino who wishes to take part in the program.  Due to the increasing awareness to problem gambling, a lot of pressure has been put on casinos to take action.  The new Verify solution provides casinos with an easy way of preventing problem gambling. 

The system has a very simple premise.  Verify keeps a database of problem gamblers on their servers, and when someone wants to open an account with any of the participating casinos, the casino runs the account information through the Verify system to check if they should be excluded.

Mark Dalton, Verify’s manager, said that this solution is sure to be successful; with the current legislative environment in many parts of the world, pressure on casinos is increasing.  The more casinos join Verify’s system, the better it works.  The better the system works, the more attractive it becomes as a solution to the worries of lawmakers around the world.  This win-win situation is likely to make Verify very successful. 

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