NexGen 3D Slots Dubbed as Amazing

By Debra SaundersGoogle
since the software designer entered the market breaking through what were huge barriers to entry nearly a decade ago, one of the most remarkable assets the company has is its ability to follow the trends of the gaming industry giving punter exactly what they are looking for. Now this probably sounds like the same old story where here we have yet another software developer that has broken through a tough market when all the odds were against them. Well, you are right because that’s exactly what this is about.

Over 95% of new ideas in the world today don’t even see the light of day, yet alone get past the bard directors meeting when the idea finally does hit the table. However, NexGen gaming opend, designed, released and they have conquered.

Probably the most appealing sides to their slots are the bundles of features and diverse range of ways to utilise standard slot features such as free spins. That is if we don’t mention the astounding graphics, imaginative themes and superb sound effects bundled in with their slots gripping action packed gaming.

Players can get their fill of free spins via scatter symbols with some machines giving away up to 30 free spins, and a minimum of 10 free spins for just 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. In the free spins round NexGen have developed their slots so the punters play out their free spins on a completely different set of reels with new symbols. Furthermore, on those reels 3 multiplying scatters are added and another scatter to re-trigger free spins.

I mean how easy can you make it to rip cash out of these machines, and for free? Scatters are the easiest symbols to land and yet NexGen scatter them all over their slots.

Not to mention non-progressive jackpots that are hidden inside some of these jackpot rounds. Plus, if the machine doesn’t offer a chance to get free spins on alternative reels, then there is nearly always a way to get free spins with incredible multipliers on the reels in the regular game via a click me bonus rounds or through feature bonus rounds.

And how do you think you get into these click me and bonus feature rounds? Of course, via scatter symbols!

Bundled into nearly every NextGen slot there is also the famous expanding wild. Sometimes there just 1 on reel 3 and on other machines there are 3 on reels 2, 3 and 4. They expand and fill all the positions on their respective reels clocking up wins by acting as a wild card for other combinations. In short, NextGen gaming has built in a bundle of fun into all their slots with plenty of engaging action that keeps the punter entertained throughout their sessions.

Then there are the themes, 3D action and sounds. Probably one of the funniest themes mentioned on the blog spots is Beauty and the Nerd played out in a college setting. An ingenious way of grabbing a fairy tale theme and mixing it into a real life scenario. Absolutely brilliant stuff coming from NexGen Gaming at the moment.

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