NextGen and NetEnt Join the 243-Ways-to-Win Scene

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Twin Spins slot machine from NetEnt has introduced the same no pay-line concept as many of the top Microgaming slots are currently using. In fact, Microgaming have been using a 1024-ways-to-win feature bonus extending the reels from 3 deep to 4 deep adding 781 additional ways to win.

Twin Spins is an impressive fast paced slot that synchronises the reels and starts to replicate all the reels. The end the result with enough free spins could be reels with blocks of symbols paying out for 5 symbol combinations multiple times. This one feature alone pays out thousands of dollars in cash. Combined with the 243-ways-to-win feature, this is a powerful slot machine that instantly gained popularity upon its release.

Next Generation Gaming from Australia are confirmed partners of Microgaming, the two companies often doing business. With NextGen already a prolific slot developer, the concept of 243-ways-to-win extends the company’s already high profile list of featured slot titles such as Foxin Wins Again and Medusa II; the latter being a sequel to the original Medusa slot machine.

On the second release of Medusa NextGen added 243-ways-to-win removing the pay-lines concept used on its predecessor. With an easy way to combine combinations, NextGen have made this slot even more eye-catching with the addition of stacked wilds, licking reels and free spins rolling reels rich in 3D animation and smooth in gameplay.

With two long time developers in the slots development business also taking up the concept of no pay-lines, it will be interesting to see how this new feature will work in tandem with other slot developers’ features - something we have never seen before. There is no doubt that when the 243-ways-to-win concept first came out that this was to be history in the making for slots.

How 243-Ways-to-Win Works

Ground breaking discoveries where made when Microgaming’s design team discovered that they could change the way the symbols connect on the reels to distribute cash. Without making it too easy, the Microgaming team left the left to right pay-out concept intact. However, the concept of pay-lines was to be abolished completely from the 243-ways-to-win collection.
In the no pay-line version every symbol would effectively become a scatter symbol. That means symbols can land anywhere on the reels regardless of their position. However, symbols are given less freedom to roam than a scatter symbol. Scatters do not have to be adjacent to each other, neither does the combination have to start from reel 1.

On the contrary, symbols on the 243-ways-to-win slots have to be adjacent to each other, and they must line up starting from reel 1, which are the only rules applied to symbols. Apart from that, they are effectively scatter symbols. 

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