Not one but three Jackpot Wins for Elderly Man

By Debra SaundersGoogle
“Winning the lottery or the big jackpots in Vegas are for luck people” Mr Quoss said. “I never thought I would be one of them” he continued as he spoke to the casino’s press reporters. It’s true too. After a life of hard work and several years being retired, the last thing you would expect is for that lifetime dream of becoming an overnight millionaire to actually happen.

Now Mr Quoss, at the age of 82 has a bank full of cash and doesn’t have to worry about money for the rest of his days. His overnight success came thanks to a session on the slots that saw him win on 3 consecutive progressive jackpot machines. This is something that is totally unheard as the online casino bosses claimed that never have they had the same individual win 3 jackpots in such a short space of time.

My Quoss is by no means a cheap skate when it comes to rolling the reels. He has earned himself a nice pension and as he has no living overheads at his nursing home (thanks to the family chipping in to pay), he has had plenty of cash to roll away on the slots. It just so happened he actually knows a thing or two about the slots too.

“I knew all 3 of these machines and another 1 had not paid out the progressive jackpot for a while because they were building up their jackpots rather nicely”. Mr Quoss targeted these slots and pulled of a minor jackpot on 1 of the slots giving him a huge $50,000 windfall. He took that windfall and went on to play yet another slot ‘Major Millions’ and took down the progressive jackpot there before another medium jackpot over ‘Mega Moolah’.

The exact amount won has not been confirmed, but it has been confirmed that over a week Mr Quoss upped the amount of cash he was betting and increased the number of bets and length of sessions played after he hit his first big win. He continued to do the same after a second progressive jackpot win and he has said that he will no doubt play at higher stakes for a long time now he knows he has an almost unlimited bankroll at his disposal.

Of course his nephews will also be the benefactors of some of that cash. “One of my nephews is getting married next year – I think it will be a pleasant surprise to find out good ole Grandad will foot the bill”.

Another great winning story coming from the online casinos and we hope to hear more.

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