OMI Releases New Casino Module

By Debra SaundersGoogle

The Swedish casino software company OMI has released its new platform called the Kazuri Casino Module.  The new module is cross-platform, meaning it can run casino games on all types of devices including computers, websites, smartphones, tablets, and kiosks.  Using this new module, customers will be able to access their desired casino games using any media accessible to them.

The web-based platform does not require extraneous downloading or plug-in installation; it can be used from any computer with internet access and works on all the major browsers.  Regarding system requirements, the module is runs on all standard operating systems and even runs on Linux.  All games that run on the module have two basic formats.  One format, the larger format, is for computers and kiosks, and one format, the smaller format, is for tablets and smartphones.

Omni Gaming’s Commercial Director Tobias Lindgren said that the new OMI module will help online casino operators avail their casino games to a larger audience in a shorter period of time.  While older software required individual development for each platform, the new module allows for simultaneous release on all standard gaming platforms.

Casino reviews praised OMI for their module’s integrability, fun games, support for various languages and currencies, well-designed payment system, security, free play casino, and progressive jackpots.  Some prizes are flexible and can be paid out in the form of goods or cash.  Adding to their already popular titles Princess Fortune and Jungle Fruit, OMI will be releasing Mad Circus, Benny the Panda, and Tres Hombres soon.

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