Online Casinos Scare the Live Casinos: Could it be enough to scare them into better deals?

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Most of the lobbying in the USA against online gambling can be traced back to the live casinos in support of the organisations and politicians that are against the reverse of the Wire Act.

The simple reason is that as far as value for money goes, the online casinos r eally do kick the live casinos off the park. The brick and mortars have done their fair share of their own petitioning using job losses as one of their reasons that online gambling should remain illegal. They couldn’t exactly use gambling addiction or any of the arguments put forward from those who oppose the gambling world and its very existence, but even so they have indirectly supported some of these organisations.

Online casinos have loyalty bonus rewards for regular punters, they double, quadruple and sometimes even ten times your deposit if play on a certain game, which could be your favourite. Low roller get a chance to beef up their casino balances regularly and high rollers get massive rewards. There is insurance on your losses and casino bonus codes that you just don’t get at the land based casinos. It seems that the online casinos at least want you keep you at the tables by giving away some money, while the land based entities will keep you there until your money is gone and say goodbye.

Live casinos have done their fair share of secretive investment into lobbyists to fight this competition, and some of those investments have been with entities that the casinos wouldn’t normally be associated with, so as per usual there is also a morale issue at the heart of this that the land based casinos are finding hard to fight. The bottom line is that all the live casinos are trying to do is keep hold of their revenue and really who can blame them for trying. However, if you take a look at poker, then you will see that the online poker gaming has created a huge amount of cash in the live poker scene, and so why can’t the casinos do the same?

A simple reason behind this is that the brick mortars do not giveaway enough incentives to their punters. Look at online poker websites. Guaranteed prizepools and million dollar giveaways with bonus after bonus and free trips to the biggest and best games. Maybe in Las Vegas and Atlanta they have some special deals, but they don’t really match the online gaming deals and they do this because of the competition. The Vegas deals are nearly always multi-million dollar pay-outs to a lucky winner, which is probably one in a million, and so the deals look great, but the actual odds fall well short of worth it most of the time.

Quite simply until the land based casinos start giving more away they are going to be beaten by the online gambling competition. Online gambling gives you more oomph for your cash and that is the bottom line. It doesn’t matter if you are just a small time punter, you can constantly grab onto casino bonus code deals whereas in the live casinos they may give you a free meal or a free drink, but it is cold hard cash people really want.

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