Online Gambling in Europe: Study Conducted

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German firm Ystats have been delving into the online gambling scene in Europe, and have come up with what is probably an unsurprising stat, but one that is interesting enough because it confirms what we all suspected.

Market research has long been a powerful tool for businesses to spot trends in the market. For the online casino industry, there is a constant flurry of studies helping the casino sites to provide their customers with the best online gaming experience possible. Ystats aim was to conduct market research in the online gambling industry for all countries in Europe.

In Europe the rules for online gambling are quite lax compared to in other continents.

Right now North American laws are tighter than ever, and in Asia there are a few countries that ban online gambling altogether. The Asian gambling industry banning online gambling does not come as much of a surprise as the Asian region is notorious for its citizens being very partial to a flutter be it underground betting syndicates or legalised casinos in Macau.

The European Online Gambling Market of 2014 is looking to boast one of its best years ever in online betting. Right now it is the UK that has the largest number of people gambling online. Ystats revealed that the UK makes up for 20% of all online gambling in Europe. A stat this is hardly surprising when you look at how many online gambling adverts there are on TV today, plus the number of sports currently being sponsored by online gambling entities.

Despite the UK making up for the largest number of online casino members, it is the Germans who spend the most time gambling online on average per month. With their reputation for precision it is quite probable there is a large number of German winners on the table games, and so they tend to have more players more regularly with some even gambling professionally.

PCs still remain as the preferred device to use for online gambling. Although, now many of the online gambling businesses platforms allow mobile gaming software gambling via tablets and smartphones are beginning to rise in popularity as people become more familiar with mobile gambling on the move.

It is the Belgians that appear to enjoy mobile gambling the most. When the study looked at the online gambling populations gambling habits, the Belgians have move strongly towards online gaming for real money via a their portable devices. At the same time the majority of German and French online market prefer to use their PC.

Turkey and Poland are currently the two markets where the population of online gambling is growing the quickest per year. In 2013 both markets considered expediential growth, with 20 million players betting in Turkey.

Russia has also experienced growth behind Turkey and Poland. Last year there was a 20% growth in the number of overall bets taken. The market in Russia right now is the expansion of mobile gaming. This is soon to grow exponentially to figure that is predicted to rise to 60 million mobile players by 2016 according to analysts. 

No deposit casino bonuses, bonus matches, loyalty schemes and more rewards for playing online have consistently been attracting new punters to join in with the world of online gambling. With so many good deals out there, and a stream of quality platforms and developers offering some of the best gaming out there today, the online poker industry in Europe shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. 

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