Online Gambling Legislation Update: Developments in Europe

By Debra SaundersGoogle


It seems that throughout Europe there is significant progress being made when it comes to online gambling laws and updates in regulations.  Currently, three countries have made some progress this week in making online gambling legal.  They are Greece, The Netherlands and Italy – players from those countries should pay attention to the news to see how these changes will affect them!


In Greece, by the end of the month the Greek government will put into place legislation that includes the legalization of online gambling as one way for their government (currently facing serious economic troubles) to generate revenues.  The license fees that they will award (estimated to be valued at around €950 million), will be paid by gambling monopoly OPAP, according to this agreement.  It will extend OPAP’s sports betting monopoly past the year 2020.  The Greek government currently owns 34% of OPAP and while they had intended to sell their share by the end of 2011, it seems now that they might not as Greek politicians are unwilling to let go of the control they have of this mega moneymaking organization. 


In The Netherlands, the government is looking to legalize online gambling but is facing opposition from some members of its parliament.  Many members of the Dutch parliament are concerned that the proposed legislation doesn’t do enough to combat online gambling addiction.  Therefore, the government will have to appease parties across the political gamete in order to pass the law.


Last but not least has is Italy which is seeing positive results from regulating online gambling.  In the first seven months of 2011, the Italian gambling regulator AAMS reports that total gambling wagers has risen by 21.45% to a total of €41.9 billion.  Italy has seen a significant rise in gambling revenues, which includes online and offline games. 

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