Online Gambling Market Set to Rise to $9 billion

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Before US legislation crushed the online gambling market in America the industry was worth $5.6 billion, but with the state of Nevada set to stream the online gaming for money the predictions of a new boom when the market reopens estimates a huge rise.

Shares in many of the virtual gaming entities that host online casinos and poker have been moving up on the stock exchanges around the world after the US government have put in motion new laws that will allow the virtual casinos to resume business as usual in the country. With the current legislation already close to making its final arrangements some of the top investment companies have been predicting an immediate rise based on certain business models aligned with draft bills soon to be passed through congress.

In the first year of the US’s return to the online gambling world the market is expected to draw in a net worth of $650 million by the time the calendars have run through to 2014.

As more states start to open up and stream the games from Nevada to their citizens the industry is expected to climb with no deposit casino bonuses attracting plenty of participants the market is already predicted to rise to a revenue sum equal to the total revenue of Las Vegas and Atlantic City’s revenue totals added to together for 2012.

Last year Las Vegas boasted $6.2 billion in takings while Atlantic City, considered the US’s second largest gambling location, announced over $3 billion in revenue. If predictions based on the current business models announced by the finance market are true, by 2020 the online gambling market will be worth $9 billion shadowing Las Vegas and making Atlantic City look like a dot on the map of the US gambling industries mega financial power.

Despite the claims from the experts there are still some doubters. As we have seen in the oil markets around the world when a duffer is hit, the shares drop and original business models crushed and persecuted, so is this the case with the virtual casino industry. Well, there are no duffers to hit, and the online market is smash hit in the US with retail and finance sectors of many industries giving up increasing portions of their industry by moving from brick and mortar trade to virtual trade.

However, one argument at the moment is that legislation has not yet been decided, and so we should hold onto out horses before making any rash investment decisions. Legislation is not yet final, and the Gambling Commission of Nevada is yet to have made firm rules or deals on how the online gambling trade is to be streamed as well as regulated with other states that wish to be involved.

There is also a second argument that claims the previous online market before 2006’s massive anti-online gambling push meant that any state could allow servers and gaming to run through their systems and the majority of the US allowed online gambling. On this occasion only three states will be allowed to stream online casinos and poker rooms plus some states will be slow in the up take or may never agree to the new idea. With this the gambling industry cannot expect to grow past its aforementioned 2006 figure into a $9 billion a tear industry by 2020.

Whatever happens the online gambling is industry is set to grow exponentially and it is best to get prepared with the best no deposit bonus codes, so as soon as the market hits the virtual streets you can sign up to multiple casinos to get the best picks before the codes tone down their offers due to massive demand.

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