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Golfers are literally going to fall head over heels for this virtual casino feature where you can match up your golfers and to receive favourable odds or risk there cash on the rookie outsiders. This is a game where the betting is totally in control of the punter and the more you play the better your chances of working out a solid strategy.

The game allows players to select a golfing match between two players each one with their own unique ratings on the course. The talents spread from equally matched skills on the fairways and greens to being far apart in their proficiency giving some alluring odds and exciting match ups.

Once all bets are down you can sit back and watch the players play a mini round of golf with some reasonable virtual graphics and plenty to shout about as the players get their clubs swinging in the wind.

Betting options are spread around wagering on the overall winner in a match off between two players, bets on who will win which hole, punters can wager on the a overall score, and there is a host of special betting options. The ‘overall winner’ bet also allows a tie bet that usually comes in at higher odds, but if the players are more evenly matched the odds shrink slightly and with the closer match-up this isn’t a bad option to risk as it is guaranteed to pay you off at some stage.

‘Individual hole’ bets allow players to wager the winner of the hole. This bet works well when combined with the ‘overall winner’ bet as it likely the best player will win the majority of the holes and come out on top providing there are no ‘special’ bet hazards through some wayward swings at the ball or a nasty wind taking the ball out of bounds along the way.

‘Special’ bets add to the novelty of this golfing spectacular. As with any golf course there are a host of hazards that can affect the golfers’ scores. Sand and water open up huge gaps in the course for the golfers to run the ball into, plus there is always a chance of one of the inexperienced players smashing the golf ball out of bounds.

Additional ‘special’ bets include the chance to take a punt at one of the golfers hitting a hole in one or an eagle. These side betting options are always worth a smaller punt than on the main game with hazards paying sweet returns and surprise hits to the green setting up eagles can happen at any time with more juicy odds to turn a profit.

Swinging in to round up this game at the eighteenth hole, this is one of the few virtual games that gives the punter control over the conditions. There are plenty of betting options and the players are fairly consistent, but don’t be surprised as the golfers are similar to some of your favourite pros. They can have an off day, but this all adds to the fun of what is an exclusive virtual casino special.

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