Online Poker Legislation Pushed Forward by Senators

By Debra SaundersGoogle
This week it was reported that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, are close to pushing through a bill that making playing online poker legal on a federal level.  In the final stages, the Senators are seeking additional support from their Republican colleagues to make it a reality.  
Senate Majority Leader Reid commented on the situation, "Here's the issue, Senator Kyl and I've worked very hard. What we need to do is get some Republican support. That hasn't been forthcoming yet.”
If passed, the bill would legalize the playing of online poker but at the same time, would tighten restrictions on other casino games online. The argument is that poker is a game of skill that does not as easily fall pray to scams and fraud because players are betting against each other, rather than a casino establishment.
Aides involved in the deal have said that Senator Reid is hoping that fellow Nevada senator, Republican Dean Heller, as well as Kyl, will be able to convince other Republicans to pass the measure.  
Last year’s US Justice Department ruling which provided a different interpretation of the 1961 Federal Wire Act, put federal casino games online legislation into limbo. It did enable governments on the state level to examine their positions, which many have begun to do. Just last month, Delaware passed a bill which legalized online casino games played at top rated casinos within state borders.
Senator Kyle shared his thoughts about the Wire Act and the current situation, stating, "It's an opportunity to go back and revise the Wire Act, make sure that everybody knows that it applies to Internet gambling.”

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