Online Slot Machine Variety

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Online Slot Machines in All Shapes & Sizes

Online slots are arguably the most diverse single style of game in the casino industry. That is to say, that there are so many versions, themes, reel counts, line counts and features that it’s tough to tell them apart.

Classic Slots

These are the closest decedent of the One Armed Bandit. 3 reels and 1 pay-line spread across the center of the reels. They offer simple combination wins and are well-known for using bars, bells, 7s and fruits as their symbols – plus, they come with super-fast reels spins.

However, classic pokies don’t come without some modifications. Some slot developers have included new features starting with the most obvious. Firstly, the classic slot’s single pay-line was changed into 3-Payline or 9-Payline versions. Furthermore, some come with added features such as wild symbols and scatters.

Fruit Machines

In the UK the Fruit Machine was the social centre for many a male and female that love nudges, holds and a bonus feature. Titles such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom come ringing back as the fruit machine market went crazy in the mid-nineties.

Nudges are the highlight of the show as players are awarded a set number that allows them to move the reels and manoeuvre symbols into a winning combination. Holds use the same concept as the hold feature for those who know how to play Video Poker. Players can hold symbols on the reels and spin the reels not held.

On occasion players will nudge in a jackpot win and then as they collect the prize they are awarded nudges on their next spin. They can hold the winning combination and take second helpings. Sometimes this continues multiple times.

Bonus Slots

A bonus slot is simply a slot machine with a bonus round. Depending on the developer the bonus rounds on the slots you play will vary. Some offer free spins on new bonus reels with symbols and features not included in the main game. Others offer a full on 3D animated user interaction arcade style bonus feature where some skill comes into bagging the cash.

Progressive Slots versus Non Progressive Slots

If you are a seasoned slot player, then are you probably wondering what this is doing in here. However, there those who are new to the reels. It’s fairly easy to explain. Progressive slot machines have a jackpot that continuously increases every time the reels spin. The jackpots can be in the millions and they are some of the most popular slots in the business. On the other hand, non-progressive jackpot machines have a standard set symbol combination jackpot.

Video Slot

If you have seen a slot machine with real live reels spinning via mechanic movement, then this isn’t a video slot. Although, these old style machines are still very fun, video slots appeal to the younger more computer savvy generation. 

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