Only 10 percent of Vegas Blackjack Tables Reduce Pay-out Odds

By Maria McCoyGoogle
In Blackjack a Blackjack hand is when a player or the dealer hits a 21 hand with an Ace and any card valued at 10, which is the 10 card at pip value or any of the picture cards. The eventual resulting pay-out has traditionally been 3-2. However, there have been a substantial number of reports from online players visiting the city claiming that the odds of a Blackjack hand are being reduced on table all over the city.

One of the biggest problems is that many of these tables do not openly display the lower pay-outs on the felt opting to let players find out when they hit Blackjack’

 Admittedly a very small percentage of these reports say that the tables are hiding their reduced odds as there are many that openly and loudly let their potential clientele know that their tables don’t pay as well they should for Blackjack hands. However, for those that don’t display this fact, it is clear they are hiding their reduced odds because they know that making a clear point of this fact is likely to leave their tables virtually empty.

One of the worst case scenarios reported have been a small handful of clubs that only pay even odds for any hand on their tables – this include Blackjack and even Insurance

Despite the lower pay-out, the odds and percentages that go with the game of Blackjack on these tables remain unchanged. This is because the sole aim of these clubs is to make a higher profit rather than offer the fairer odds of 3-2 giving their clientele a fair deal. You are also likely to have to pay for your own drinks in these clubs, and so even though you may think you are saving cash by not going to one of the biggest establishments, you are in fact probably spending more.

Other odds that have been reported are 7-5 and 6-5 for a Blackjack hand

These are more clear examples of what many Blackjack players are calling money grabbing tables. With 7-5 odds, if you bet $10, your return is $1 short of a table that offers 3-2 odds. A 3-2 $10 bet with Blackjack will fetch $25; while, with 7-5 the pay back is $24. Things become worse when you consider 6-5 odds and a return of just $22.

The general consensus is that tables that offer shorted odds are there not to give their clientele a fair deal or a good time, but instead they are simply there to get every last penny from those that play there. In effect, they are not interested in the spirit of Blackjack or Vegas, which is to give players a chance to win some decent cash!

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