Open Face Chinese Poker - The New Poker Era

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Since then Hold’em has had a stronghold on poker tournaments around the world as well as being well known for producing some of the highest paying cash games, but it could be in danger of being the top game for too long as Chinese Poker starts to take off.
First of all it was Pot Limit Omaha that came along to challenge to Hold’em, but Hold’em still managed to maintain its top spot in the poker world as all the main events and the large majority of high rollers still use Hold’em as their main style. Although at the same time the fast and furious volatile game of Omaha is so fast creating huge multi handed pots that this was given the nickname the Ferrari of poker. 
Now OFC otherwise now as Open Faced Chinese Poker is picking up the challenge where Omaha left off and is currently starting to become the new fad in poker. The main point is that its popularity relies on how many fish will take up the game. If the fish are not into it, then there is no money to be made for the pros and so the demand on the live circuit will not grow. It is on the live circuit where the media broadcast the events, and so the combination of fish and sharks plus the media coverage is what will make or break the game.
Omaha became popular simply because the fish and the action junkies love the thrill of being able to play in so many hands.

The largest poker site around, PokerStars, was one site that was yet to introduce OFC, but there have been talks amongst the big wigs to introduce the game to the site. With the pros right now so engrossed in their own private sessions it looked as if the members of PokerStars would also be just as infatuated with the game. However, the success of the game riding on how many players on PokerStars would take it up has now suffered a setback as PokerStars have said it is not a game they would want to introduce.
If PokerStars don’t introduce the game, then there is little chance of any other site deciding to add it to their network. On the other hand, it could be just the difference that sites such as Party Poker are looking for. They already have Black Gammon and links to sports bet pages, casino gaming separating them from PokerStars. If it’s differentiation you are looking for, then this it!
OFC is a game of edges in some respects, but there is a lot more gambling going on at the same time. It still isn’t a game of purely gambling giving the game a certain appeal. At first it does seem very simple, but there is a lot more to the game than first meets the eye. Some players in Macau have lost up to $1 million in a single session and it has been seen in the WSOP, EPT, and WPT as a side event.
It seems the game is certainly here to stay, but for how long and just how big the game will grow remains to be seen. 

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