Overusing the Fast Fold Option

By Debra SaundersGoogle
The fast fold button has made sure that Texas Hold’em has become one of the greatest games out there for online poker’s action junkies that prefer to play Hold’em rather than play Omaha just so they can get the action they seek on the virtual poker felts. However, one aspect of the game that I did notice was the overuse of the fast fold button.
One of the best tips in online poker is not to use the auto-fold check box. At least a good reason not to use it is when you are acting in late position.

The rest of the table could fold, and that means by the time the action comes around to you, it is too late to uncheck the auto-fold button. In essence, you are missing opportunities to get some value from hands that hold very little equity by stealing the blinds.

A handy tip in live poker that serves a lot of players well, and one that you will see many poker players use, is to wait until it is your turn before you look at your cards. Obviously playing online poker you will see your hand immediately, but the same kind of patients as the live game tactic on the online table would actually serve you better as a player despite both tactics being utilised for different reasons.

We are then taken around to fast-fold poker. As soon as you see your hand, you are able to fold. At least that is if you are not on the big blind, which in this case you will have to wait until either someone raises the blind amount or the action to come to you.

Many player in fast fold poker will instantly fold bad cards regardless of whether or not the player under the gun and those after have acted yet or not. Now if you are sitting in late position and you get bad cards, fast fold poker makes it very easy for you to fold. However, if you start to dissect the tactics most players use while playing fast fold poker, you begin to open up some holes in the game that allow you to take advantage of stealing opportunities.

Most players are only playing premium hands. That means if you are say one position off the button, so you were the dealer the hand before, and you are dealt 2-4 off suit, you would probably just fold and move onto the next table. This is not a very good tactic for one main reason. Most people on the table are folding, and so quite often the action reaches you with either limpers or no bets at all before it is your turn to act.

The chances are that if you raise from this position, your opponents will not play unless they have a premium hand. In the end, you get to steal quite a few pots and blinds just by waiting for the action to reach you before making a decision whether to fold or not. Get online and take advantage of free no deposit casino bonuses and play fast fold poker and try this tactic out.

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