Paddy Power Makes Inroads into Canada

By Debra SaundersGoogle

Paddy Power, Ireland’s largest bookie service, has just entered its first ever deal to operate in North America by signing a three year contract with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC).  By the summer of 2012, the Irish company will be providing management services and internet services to the BCLC’s sports betting arm.  Patrick Kennedy, the chief executive of Paddy Power, said that they are excited to begin operations in North America.  He said Paddy Power sees strategic importance in the region and is looking forward to increasing their presence.  They plan on achieving that goal via further endorsements of their own products coupled with various partnerships with other top online casinos.

He added that as the global markets accept various forms of legalization and regulation, they find themselves in an advantageous position to provide expert services.  Casino reviews are ripe with reports about the positive growth seen in the industry.  Paddy Power considers themselves to be in an excellent position for further growth in the international market.

BCLC’s vice president of e-gaming Rhonda Garvey said that her corporation is quite excited about the new partnership with the Irish firm and with the new potential it will bring to their website  She said that Paddy Power’s system is absolutely essential for the providing of their online betting services and that their software provides an unparalleled betting experience.  

According to Canadian law, BCLC is the only licensed sports betting operator in British Columbia.  Therefore, Paddy Power is by association the only provider of online sports betting software.  In order to further their expansion in the region, Paddy Power has applied for a Nevada gaming license as well.  They said they would be glad to work with any top online casino.

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