Party Pits

By Maria McCoyGoogle


Back in the day, casinos used to be simple.  Nowadays, as customers get more sophisticated, the casino experience evolves.  The newest evolution of the casino experience is the party pit.  The casino party pit is like a miniature casino located inside of a casino – with sexy dealers, sexy waitresses, sexy dancers, and, well, you get the point.


The basic premise of the casino party pit is the goal of any and every casino – to keep you inside.  You want customers to walk away from the table with a good feeling no matter what.  Customers want an entertainment return on every dollar lost gambling.


At the Flamingo casino in Las Vegas, a Margaritaville Casino will open complete with a Jimmy Buffet bar and restaurant.  This expansion is expected to cost ten million dollars to Flamingo owners Caesars Palace.  The new build-out is expected to draw a mostly baby-boomer crowd, but also youngsters as well.


Caesars has employed the party pit concept before both with Pussycat Dolls dancers at Caesar’s palace and with Toby Keith’s restaurant at Harrah’s.  The Hard Rock casino also uses a similar party pit concept with an appropriate hard-rock twist.  While Hell’s Belles might have more female flesh showing in their party pit than Hard Rock’s, none the less, the party pit concept stays the same.


Some casino experts think casinos should focus on what they’re good at, gambling, and outsource their entertainment to external, professional entertainment companies.  Others retort that if the casinos have come up with a way in which people enjoy themselves even when they loose, then they must be doing something right.

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