Phil Ivey Says He is Innocent

By Debra SaundersGoogle
The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA filed a law case against Ivey early this year, but Ivey’s lawyers have said the poker star is innocent. The case argument has come with two main points in Ivey’s defence.

1.      Ivey used pure skill to the win the game
2.      The casino have missed the legal timeframe allowed to bring such a dispute against Ivey

There is also a third point made by Ivey’s lawyers, who say that the casino itself is not allowed to bring such a case against Ivey, and rather the gambling authorities in the city should be the ones pursuing Ivey.

It isn’t the first time Ivey has been accused of cheating in the casinos, and the Borgata case is probably a result of the media attention from a similar case in the UK. However, it seems that Crockfords did admit Ivey had won a substantial amount of cash in excess of $10 million, but they didn’t pay Ivey on the day because they suspected foul play.

As Ivey had won such a large such a large sum of cash, the casino gave Ivey a receipt for his win, returned all the cash he had withdrawn as standard procedure, and said told the US poker pro that they would be transferring his profits over the next few days. However, that didn’t happen after an investigation was started because the dealer and management knew that Ivey and his female companion could have been using a Punto Blanco trick that uses imperfections on the cards to gain an edge in the game.

Conversely, Borgata have already paid the now 10 times WSOP bracelet winner an amount said to be in the region of around $9 million. Whereas Crockfords Casino in Mayfair London managed to save their cash; Borgorta have already given Ivey his winnings. In addition, it is Borgata that are bringing the legal case to Ivey; while it was Ivey that stormed in with lawyers to take on the Crockfords casino.

Currently, the case continues between one of USA’s only companies to have online gambling and poker legally running within the state, and the man that walked away with casino bonus windfall from what could be a case of taking advantage of the casino own failed processes when it comes to checking the quality of the cards they are distributing onto the casino floors.

So far, the two casino in dispute with Ivey are claiming he had broken the one cardinal rules casinos specifically say is forbidden. It is casino that offers players the chance to gamble and win big, and the games they provide come with set odds, which everyone knows the house has a slight edge. Changing that edge by using any gimmicks, mind games, or card counting is against casino regulation, and so the casino has the right to withhold those winnings. 

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