Playing Blackjack on a Watch

By Debra SaundersGoogle
If you own one of these watches and you happen to hang out with a bunch of high rollers, then this watch could actually make you some money. That is as long as you abide by the rules and laws of gambling or just don’t get caught taking bets I guess! This watch comes with 2 spots for the players and the dealer spot and totals up your score for you.

Owners of the Blackjack watch get the chance to be the banker, make up their own odds for Blackjack payment and get to have a game of Blackjack anywhere they can find willing participants

Here it is:

This is no ordinary watch by any means. Yes it tells the time, but also accompanying the complicated clock work and mechanics inside is a state of the art card dealing system.

It was designed by Christophe Claret and will set you back a cool, calm and collective $500,000 just because the designer is not only brilliant, the mechanics are flawless

With such a heavy price tag, you need to be a high roller yourself, and you certainly need a few likeminded and wealthy pals to be able to get any type of return. As you are the banker and the house, as with any other Blackjack game, the odds should be in your favour. There are 884,736 combinations on there, meaning there are plenty of hand combinations and it is totally safe because it would take an absolute genius to remember all the combinations!

‘The rules have been set for the dealer as printed under the clock hands on the clock face are the dealer terms – ‘The dealer must draw on 16 and stand on all 17’ – no mistakes there

That’s not all because this watch is almost the complete casino as there is another favourite game from the casinos floors placed on the back of the watch.

Watch owners can take off the watch and turn over for a game of Roulette if players are bored of handing over their already wealthy friend and banker cash on the Blackjack game

Turn over for some Roulette action. The betting board will have to be imaginary, so if you are rich and have some cash to buy this watch, hopefully you are also a very clever individual to get your fortune and splash out on this expensive masterpiece where only 121 are said to be available. Being smart means you should be able to remember all bets taken and play like a true casino boss.

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