Playing High/Low 1-49 Games Using Probability

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Speciality games have been tearing up the online casino scene with some of the most imaginative and sometimes the simplest of gambling opportunities.

One of the easiest games to get to grips with is the High Low play games with numbers introduced as 1-49 with you the player guessing whether the next number coming in is going to be higher or lower. There isn’t much strategy to this came at first glance, and many players have not really made an attempt to beat a system that seems almost unbeatable. In the end the variation of probability will always produce a fifty-fifty long run average.

Working out a strategy for a game that swings in and out so vastly takes a mathematical genius, and believe me there are some who are and have run the odds through computer generated predictors. However, unless you are a computer programmer you are unlikely going to be able to get on top of this. Nevertheless, there is a way to give yourself a slight edge on these high low games using a five octet system that gives you groups of numbers.

There are a few systems out there, but the simplest of them all is to just split the 1-49 numbers into 4 groups of 10 and 1 group of 9. This would be quite simply 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 and 41-49. The idea then is simple. Get a pen and paper or a system that allows you to note down the numbers that come up during all your sessions. To get the ball rolling the aim is to introduce yourself into the game with low stakes writing down the results into each relevant box.

After some time you will have a group of numbers in each box with some boxes filled with more numbers than others. Each box is worth high and low probabilities of the next number coming out. Number ranges in the boxes with the most numbers have a lower probability of appearing whereas the range of numbers in the boxes with the least amount of numbers equate to a higher probability of coming up. Also, you can add boxes together to get a feel for how many numbers in the top end of the 5 boxes and how many numbers are in the low end in particular situations.

The system isn’t a full proof way of playing the game, and doesn’t guarantee results. Even so, when you are playing high low with a more educated guess, it cannot hurt to have a little extra information. With more information you can risk upping your stakes or you can make a decision to bank your stakes before continuing with your winnings over to the next bet.

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