Poker Amendments Suggested by COPA in California

By Maria McCoyGoogle
This past week, members of the California Online Poker Association, COPA, put forth amendments to California’s online casino games bill which is currently moving through the legislature. COPA is an organization of sixty tribal governments and card clubs within the state that work towards protecting the rights of consumers.

The amendments suggested are meant to ensure that the state will receive its fair share in poker revenue from top rated online casinos as well as provide employment opportunities to residents, rather than be outsourced.

It has been estimated that with the passage of online casino games legislation, the state stands to increase revenue by $1.4 billion and jobs by at least 1,300. As California is in a position in which they are are in need of cash, proponents of the bill say that passing legislation could stimulate the economy tremendously.

As it currently stands, it is estimated that millions of residents of California play poker online. Supporters of online casino games legislation insist that proper legislation and protections for consumers be put into place sooner rather than later.

COPA’S amendments have received support from coalitions within the legislature as well as 15,000 California residents who want to see passage.

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