Poker Slots are Greatly Improving 5-Card Draw Players Strategy

By Maria McCoyGoogle
The poker slots have been booming in the online casinos since the World Series of Poker has been making its yearly visit to Las Vegas this June.

Right now the poker game of choice is on the slots with the poker table games also picking up in the number of players taking a wander into the Caribbean Stud and Texas Hold’em Heads-Up games versus the house. However, the one game that players are getting their money into are of course the long time running and popular poker slots.

At first glance it had most people stumped because Texas Hold’em and Stud games have always been the poker players choice, but after some deeper thought into the matter, and rubbing shoulders with a few poker players themselves it became plainly obvious as to why poker slots have started to attract a greater number of players.

Firstly, the WSOP doesn’t have any 5-Card Draw poker, or at least it doesn’t have 5-Card Draw in the traditional sense. The version being played by most players at the moment is 2-7 Tripe Draw, which is 5-Card Draw, but the lowest hand wins. Some of the 5-Card Draw lovers out there can only get a real game of their favourite style in the online casinos on the video poker slots.

Secondly, it’s all about the outs the poker slots offer. For any newbie to poker the poker slots are the ideal way to get your eye in. The first lesson is the strength of the winning hands in poker. The second lesson is understanding outs.

Outs apply to almost any game of poker. They are the number of cards left in the deck of cards that can make you a winning hand. On the poker slots with one draw available it couldn’t be simpler. After the deal there are 5 cards, for example, 5c-Jc-10c-9c-8d. If the minimum was Jack-Jack, you could swap out 4 cards, which would be the 10c-9c-8c-5c. There are 3 more Jacks in the deck of cards that would be 52 cards minus 5 cards you already known about. That gives 3 Jacks to pull out of 47 cards left in the pack.

The odds are 3 to 47. Roughly dividing this by 3 you will get 16 to 1 odds as a quick calculation. With 4 cards in the pack to draw you can cut these odds down to 4-1 giving you a 22% chance of hitting your hand.

The same sum applies to drawing 3 cards to improve a pair to a 2 pair. 4 cards to 47 in a deck gives you roughly 12 to 1. Cut this down by the 3 cards you draw and that’s 4-1 odds, and once again you have the same odds of 25%. The odds are the closest way to calculate a percentage in your head and not the exact odds, but they are close enough.

Odds of being dealt specific hand before the draw:

A Pair = 2.3/1
A Pair Jacks or Better = 6.7/1
Two-Pair = 20/1
3-of-a-kind = 46/1
A Straight = 254/1
A Flush = 508/1
Full House = 693/1
4-of-a-kind = 4164/1
A Straight Flush – 64973/1

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