Poker’s Keep Em Going Gets the Punters Attention

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Poker’s Keep Em Going is now a game the casinos are beginning to give more attention to because the punters just keep on coming, and what attracts the punters is that they get to pull their bets out of the game after they have seen the cards.

It seems the online casinos and punters have been reaping the rewards of poker thanks to June’s massive 44th World Series of Poker.

The excitement of Keep Em Going game has been well noted as more players float over to this strange table that is creating more noise than the Craps tables. Keep Em Going is all in the name of the game. Players try to etch out a winning combination of the dealer’s cards and their own cards where the object of the game is to create the best poker hand possible and keep your bets going while you are at it.

It’s actually gained much of its attention because the dealer, or the house, helps the punter bring down the house. The player uses his/her 3 card poker hand to match to the dealer’s 2 card poker hand in order to fish out the best possible 5 card poker hand with a minimum of a pair of 10s or better.

Player’s also get pretty good returns of this game because they have to make a number of bets rising up the amount of cash wagered, but what makes the game even more attractive is that some of those bets can pulled back after the cards are dealt even though the bets were laid before the deal effectively meaning the player isn’t committing to a bet, which spell good value for any casino punter.

There are 3 initial bets with the ante the only bet that cannot be pulled back. 2 more bets are then placed. 1 bet in the number 1 circle and 1 bet in the number 2 circle, which can both be pulled back, but the ante will always stand. As a result, if you wager $10 on each spot you have $30 out there, and if you win on all conditions of the game you get even odds paid back giving you $60 back for a qualifying hand, or even better odds for landing a strong hand.

After all bets are in the player gets 3 cards face up and the dealer has 2 cards face down. If you have a hand of 10s or better in your 3 cards hand things are looking good. If you don’t, you can always risk your cash by committing your and this is where the cheers of joy or despair ring around the casino coming from the Keep Em Going tables.
Once the cards are dealt the player can “Keep Bet” or decide to “Pull Bet”. The latter means the bet in the number 1 circle will be given back to the player. The dealer will then turn over 1 card regardless of the option chosen by the player. Now the player can see 4 cards, and now has a better idea on how to act next.

The player will get the same 2 option as before, “Keep Bet” or “Pull Bet”. If a player selected the “Keep Bet” option in the previous option then ring 1 and ring 2 have stakes in them. However, if the player decides to “Pull Bet” at this stage both bets will be pulled, but obviously if the player already pulled the bet on the first optional chance then another “Pull Bet” would just take away the bet on ring 2.

The final card is turned over and either the player qualifies or has a “No Hand” and loses the ante and any bets that remain. It is a simple pay out concept. If both bets were pulled and the last hand shows a qualifying hand the player gets even odds on the ante. If there are any bets that were not pulled, then the punter gets paid even odds on all the money at the table. On top of this, if they player wins a big hand then the odds of the pay-out increase. Land a three of a kind and the player could get paid 2-1 on the 1 and 2 circle bets, but still even odds on the ante.

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