Poker’s Skill Versus Gambling’s Luck

By Debra SaundersGoogle
 I think most people can say that poker is most definitely a game of skill for the most part while for others it is most certainly a game of luck. At least it is if you play a loose aggressive style with a lot of bluffing.

It could also be argued that some gambling games are also a game of skill, dare I say it. Most people argue that poker players make a hell of a lot of money on a regular basis and generally most gamblers don’t. Well if we start to look at slot players, then that certainly isn’t true. Slot machines pay-out million dollar jackpots every week. However, I’m not stupid, I know slots are a game of luck in the long run. Most people play them because that lucky jackpot could hit them.

We are still left with the issue of luck versus skill and whether a gambler can justify skill in his or her game. Away from slots there are games that you do have more control over your luck than others. Take Roulette and then take the word ‘variation’ used in poker.

You play poker hands that give you the highest estimated value of return, while in Roulette you can play a strategy where you only bet on sections or numbers that give you maximum value. That is numbers that have already appeared are probably best not wagered. Probability dictates that because that number has already appeared, then another number has a better chance of appearing on subsequent spins.

Of variation doesn’t always pan out this way, but with good math, you can at least come out with some wining sessions through your skill with numbers.

Most of the time people see the table games as a place to lose money and not win. That is because the odds on any casino game are stacked against you. The house always has the edge, so the house can always exist. In poker only you have the edge over your opponent, so the arguably the control over luck lays here.

In the end it comes down to one vital point that sways the game of poker away from the word luck. That would be there is no other players to make a decision when you are playing against the house in casino game. You can’t bully the house into throwing a Blackjack or Caribbean Stud Poker hand away. In poker you can. The skill is how your strategy influences the decision of making others fold or commit more money to the pot when you have a monster hand.

As for other skill elements in poker, most of them are also the same on the casino table games. It is down to which hands you play for max value or which numbers you play for maximum value according to variation. Therefore the mathematical sides of both casino table games and poker are equal in skill. Casino table games quite obviously can be games of skill aside from that one vital aspect, and that is the dealer will always showdown with you no matter what.

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