PokerStars Acquires EU Casino Gambling License

By Debra SaundersGoogle

Recently, since acquiring a Malta license, PokerStars has gone live for Swedish and Finish players.  Players can now play against players from across the globe but they’re able to reap the benefits of all that the Malta license has to offer – including tax free winnings! Top online casino brands are quickly seeing the added value of the Malta gambling licence.

The EU license that PokerStars now has is features on their new .eu site and players can access all the same games and tournaments and play with all other PokerStars players (also from the website)!

The transfer process is simple and automatic – players just need to update their software and all their information will be transferred to the system.  These benefits specifically affect players from Finland and Sweden.  This is a huge difference compared to the 50% that Finish and Swedish players were taxed on winnings acquired outside the EU. 

This new license clearly benefits both players and PokerStarsalike as they’re now able to complete against other best online casino poker rooms with the EU license.

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