PokerStars Launches in the US market

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In the state of New Jersey there is an 8.5 million population giving PokerStars a huge target market to branch out its services. Admittedly only a small portion of that market will take up the opportunity to get back online and play poker, but with some encouraging marketing and some hard firing promotions the PokerStars team will surely get the most out of the deal.

Thanks to the new gambling laws in regard to online poker in the State of New Jersey online poker is now back on the cards. The regulations and licencing have been in the pipeline for a while now and just recently state government officials finally agreed on terms, and PokerStars parent company the Rationale Group were right there ready to lay down the licencing fees and get the world’s biggest poker site on the wires.

PokerStars Online Poker Room

In 2001 PokerStars was just starting its massive campaign to become recognised in the poker community as an online poker powerhouse.  

The site positioned itself as a poker only website separating itself from the online gambling casino sites. By branding itself as strictly poker this made PokerStars a serious about poker site focusing only on what poker players wanted out of their online experience. That meant offering a wide selection of poker styles whether they were popular or not in order to attract the wider scope of the poker market and steal a few player from sites that didn’t dabble in games such as 5-Card Draw, Omaha and all its variations, Stud and so on.

By 2006 what is now the world’s biggest online poker gaming site had confirmed itself as the largest poker room around. A feat that took just 5 years to achieve by overtaking Party Poker.

Along the way PokerStars has opened up several poker series with the two of the most famous being the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) and the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). Both events are held yearly with a mixed variety of tournaments and massive guaranteed prize pools to boot. Winners walk away with life changing sums of cash as well as a prestigious WCOOP or SCOOP bracelet that is online poker’s version of a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet.

In the main events of both the WCOOP and SCOOP recent winner have managed to pull in $1 million plus first prize places, which just goes to show how big these online events really are. Furthermore, PokerStars holds weekly tournaments with the most famous of those being the Sunday Million. Every week the poker site guarantees $1 million in the prize pool!

With such success and a knack for giving customers exactly what they expect out of poker, the New Jersey online poker community have beyond any doubt struck gold. The site is sure to offer some of the best no deposit bonus codes around to reward their new customers for their loyalty just as they reward their current faithful following.

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