PokerStars MicroMillion Just Shows How Important ROI is…

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Not many games offer a 15,000 percent ROI, but just recently the PokerStars MicroMillion event has been putting on tournaments with high guaranteed prizepools giving the low stakes players a chance to win big for small.

In a $1.00 buy-in event a German only known by his screen name as “gosukrul” won $15,708.65 after ploughing through a field of 25,500 entrants. The odds of getting through that many players are thin, but someone has to win the first place prize and the German ran through tolling up a 15,000% Return on his Investment along the way. Second and third places can’t have been too grumbly as they also took 11,365% and 7,433% ROIs home with them.

Return on Investment in online gaming for cash is one of the most important factors that comes into any gamblers strategy. Now in a 25,500 player tournament the odds are low that you will make it through the field, but playing the right game with the right bonus on top means that if by some chance you do run into an upswing you are getting the maximum ROI. There was $125,000 already guaranteed in this event number 23, and that gave the players just the right incentive to get in their $1.00 buy-in and put their poker skills to the test.

No deposit bonus codes in the online casinos are also something players can take note of when it comes to ROI. Getting free money or using a casino bonus code for a deposit match as well as other bonuses weekly or monthly plus loyalty schemes are the best way an online casino player can get into the right game and get that big upswing. If the upswing happens in a bonus game or with free money, the ROI is then paying the right odds or at least better odds and one day with the right strategy any player on any given day could be in for a massive windfall. Persistence and know how then become the key to success.

An example used from the recent poker event is now something that many online casino players can take note of to get the best out of their cash. Using websites that offer insurance on your losses, plus keeping an eye out for decent promotions, which let’s be honest most online casinos have some pretty decent deals out there, is the best way to make sure that profits are maximised and losses are minimised while getting the best value out of your casino play.

Even though there were 3,150 players that cashed in that tournament 21,477 players didn’t get into the money, but they got their money into something that made sense and gave them value for their single dollar buy-in. With their continued persistence, they could eventually hit that elusive upswing and win big with a massive ROI to brag about. 

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