PokerStars Micromillions 6 Incredible ROIs

By Debra SaundersGoogle
So when I log onto my PokerStars account and see that the MicroMullions 6 is on, my heart races as I see the opportunity for another amazing deal to get my money in with the opportunity of an incredible return on investment.

Yes, you are probably thinking that there are thousands of player in the MicroMillions tournaments, and that getting into a cash spot is no easy deed.

However, it’s not always getting to that cash spot that I really care about because it’s all about being realistic with your expectations. I’m not going to play in the Micromillions 6 because I expect to win, I’m playing because I know I’m getting a good deal. If I go out of a 10,000 player tournament, so be it. 9,500 other players will also crash and burn with me at some point. And that’s not bad considering there’s nothing more heart wrenching than being one of those players near the bubble, but just didn’t quite make it into the money.

In the end gambling is all about being realistic. Take for example your average slot player that pumps money into the machine day in and day out. It could be an online player or a player in the casino, who cares. In the end the odds are not set to let you win every game you play. If you are playing slots and lose your first 5 sessions of 100 spins, that doesn’t mean you are going to continue losing. Quitters will lose, but those with determination will win. At this point you may wonder where I’m going with this, but it’s quite simple and that is variation. Well, in fact variation combined with a good deal on your cash.

Nearly all poker players understand what variation is, and so do slot players for that matter. Slot players will go back after that fifth losing session and voila! They spin through the variation of combinations and eventually hit that big jackpot win. Poker players do the same when they play tournaments. The Micromillions 6 may or may not turn out with a cash that will give me a surging ROI, but with the prize pools being guaranteed and $0.11 cent buy-ins who can argue that I am not getting value for my money.

It’s certainly better than your average sit and go with no guarantee, or your multi table tournament with a $2.00 buy-in and $5,000 in the prize pool guaranteed.

In the first Micromillions 6 tournament you are talking $1,500 guaranteed for $0.11. The ratio is massive. Slot players go by the same concept, especially those slot players that play slot tournaments. Check out what Daniel Negranu says about being realistic at

I suppose in the end what I’m trying to say is that being realistic about your chances and considering variation will make you a better gambler. No deposit casino bonuses are the perfect way to get your variation going and churn through your sessions with some free spins or hands, and high prize pool tournaments offer great returns.

If you want to be a successful gambler, you should always consider where the best deals are coming from and use them as much as you can because eventually you are getting free variation!

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