PokerStars Zoom Makes Updates after Successful Launch

By Maria McCoyGoogle

After the successful initial launch of PokerStars Zoom, the company has just rolled out higher stakes and more games for the newest addition to its brand. The game is a new fast-paced way to play poker online.

PokerStars launched its online casino game for real money play over the weekend. Reports have indicated that testing went smoothly and there were only a few minor issues during launch. Because of this, PokerStars has decided to expand their offerings for the game. There are now games for $0.10/$0.25 no-limit hold’em, for both 6-handed and 9-handed play, as well as $0.10/$0.25 pot-limit Omaha for six-handed play.

In PokerStars Zoom, online casino games players sit at a table with other players in what they deem as a “cloud.” Players can choose to play the hand, or instantly fold out of turn and be moved to a new table consisting of other players from the cloud. Zoom poker gives you the opportunity to see many more hands than at regular ring games, approximately 200 hands an hour or more.

The section of the PokerStars website in which Zoom Poker is featured has been updated continuously to share more details about the game. 

On Monday, PokerStars also issued updates that now make it possible for players in Belgium and Estonia to play Zoom Poker.

Earlier in the week a representative from PokerStars wrote on a community forum, “We will monitor performance today and if everything is going well we’ll add additional stakes tomorrow.”

We will keep you abreast of any updates related to PokerStars Zoom and online casino games as they occur. 

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