PokerStrategy Files a Lawsuit Against Full Tilt Poker for $1.2M

By Maria McCoyGoogle
After last year’s US Department of Justice prosecution of Full Tilt Poker as part of the Black Friday case, there have been numerous lawsuits filed against the brand. This past week, the once-affiliated company PokerStrategy filed a 1.2 million dollar lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker’s marketing department, Pocket Kings, accusing it of unpaid fees for services rendered.
PokerStrategy is holding Full Tilt to an agreement made prior to its closure by the US government last April. Full Tilt Poker is known as one the best online casinos and largest poker rooms online.
PokerStrategy’s Chief Executive, Dominik Kofert, spoke up in regards to the news. He stated that the company waiting until this point to file the lawsuit because it did not want to stand in the way of the US government case and Full Tilt’s ability to pay back its own players who lost out when the website was closed.
PokerStrategy has claimed that through it’s doing, Full Tilt Poker acquired an average of 30,000 non-United States players prior to the DOJ’s closure of the site. Whether or not these players were sign-ups or turned into depositors who spent money on Full Tilt’s site is left to be determined in court.
Other companies have filed suits against Full Tilt in recent months but most have been deemed immaterial and have been rejected by the legal system.  

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