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By Maria McCoyGoogle

An editorial recently posted on the leading business news website gives strong arguments for the legalization and regulation of online poker in the United States. Poker players and affiliates were quite happy to see their cause supported by such a major media outlet.

One of the driving principles behind the article was the recognition that poker is not just a mindless card game of random chance; poker is a game of skill with an element of chance that adds excitement – an unknown variable. That being said, the game deserves to be regulated by the government like any legitimate gaming industry.

A unique point raised in the article was the peculiar fact that in contrast to most industries in America that heavily lobby to reduce government regulation as much as possible, the online gaming advocacy groups are actually lobbying congress to create more government regulation.

The article cites as an example of what the online gaming advocates are precisely trying to avoid the spring shut down of Full Tilt Poker by USDOJ. As an example of what proper regulation can produce, the article brings states lotteries as a positive example. It goes on, however, to explain that while state lotteries are monopolies that offer little chances of winning, online poker has competition and significantly higher chances of winning.

To close, the article brought the pro-gaming comments of Senator Jay Rockefeller that the legalization of online gaming could rake in 70 billion dollars in the next ten years for state and federal government. The importance of the article lies less in its specific arguments, most of which are well-known and discussed, and more in the fact that it was published in such a major media outlet – one that is read daily by many major politicians.

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