Progressive Slots versus Non Progressive Slots

By Maria McCoyGoogle
It is a great question that has been circling many online casino forums for the last few years; especially since progressive slots have been grabbing the headline with their amazing multimillion dollar pay outs on both desktop and mobile devices.

The answer is that progressive slots are admittedly more expensive to play if you want to activate the chance to win the progressive jackpot

On slots such as The Dark Knight Rises and Mega Moolah there is a minimum bet in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot win. That usually means betting all lines on the slot and laying down a certain number of coins.

On Mega Moolah, which has several versions, you have to BET MAX in order to stand a chance to activate the random progressive jackpot feature

Let’s take for example Mega Moolah 25 paylines slot. You would have to wager all 25 lines with 10 coins on every line to be able to spin the reels in anticipation of the progressive jackpot. Now this may sound expensive, but in actual fact it is not that bad in whole scheme of things if you have a good no deposit bonus code that offers plenty of free cash.

With coins as low as $0.01 the cost of spinning with a progressive jackpot looming is not so high. 10 coins across 25 lines is 250 coins at $0.01 essentially costing $2.50 per spin’

With the potential to win millions of dollars and with the added risk comes higher payout when you hit other features and symbol combinations $2.50 a spin is not that bad.
Coupled with loyalty points earned to increase VIP levels or exchange points for cash, plus a flurry of online casino bonus codes, your $2.50 per spin is not actually a huge risk if you can afford it.

Most slots these days come with more than 97% payback return, so betting 50 spins at $2.50 may cost $125 for a session, but odds are a losing session will only cost you 3% of that

That’s right! Not many people realise that despite some non-winning spins variation will eventually see you only 3% down on your wagers. A $125 session that sees you lose rather than win will on average only cost you $3.75 in the long run.

Variation may not be as simple as calculating your wins or losses as above as with flipping a coin. This why slot players understand the concept of an upswing and a down swing

Obviously we all know probability and variation never actually works out this way. It’s like flipping a coin. Nonetheless, if you keep flipping that coin after 75 heads out of 100, eventually tails will catch up and take over. This is what is known as an upswing and a downswing. In the end though, if you do hit that magic jackpot, you will be way ahead!

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