Punters Need to Know More about Windows 8

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Windows 8 mobile technology is slowly creeping into the market and could even knock Android off the map if it becomes successful, but there is still some way to go.

There are quite a few casinos out there supporting Windows 8 mobile technology and generally the feedback has been quite positive. However, for those who already own a Windows 8 phone it hasn’t been a smooth ride so far. Even though you can gamble from your phone, and getting money into your casino account is relatively easy it is the supporting applications that are a little complicated at the moment.

PayPal still hasn’t released a version of its software that allows users to check their PayPal account, and the banks have not been ready for the sheer popularity of Windows 8, and so as a result the financial institutions haven’t designed applications for their customers with access to their bank accounts via Windows 8 mobile technology. Even so, as long as players have an internet connection at home they can set up their payment methods online and these options will then save to players accounts. From here, this workaround means transfers using PayPal and other payment methods can then be made.

Other problems have been that some of the online casinos are still only set-up for Android or IOS. That’s OK if you have an Android phone or an Apple IOS device, but for Nokia, LG, HTC and Samsung Windows users it has meant they have had to swap to another casino. This isn’t a bad thing in some players’ eyes because it is a good excuse to take advantage of a new casino bonus code and get some free cash to play with.

At the moment it is poker players that suffer the most. There are no online poker rooms that have adapted their software downloads to the new Windows 8 mobile operating system. This has in fact worked in the advantage of the casinos that offer Windows 8 downloads for mobile phones. Players that still want to play poker can do so via their Windows 8 device on the casino poker tables or on the 5-Card Draw Video poker slots.

In fact, right now, there has never been so many options to play poker versus the house in the online casinos as there is now. Players are getting involved with Texas Hold’em Heads-Up with bonus bet options, and there is poker’s very own Keep ‘em’ Going game where players get to take back bets they have already made if they don’t like the cards. On top of this, a lot of poker players love the idea of 3-Card Poker where trip 3s is the strongest hand in the game.

Overall, it is the Video Slots that have always taken the lion’s share of the casino poker business. It’s the fascination of a slot machine intertwined with poker that attracts a lot of players to these virtual poker cash dispensers. Players get the choice to play straight 5-Card Draw with one draw or they can play 5-Card Draw with 2 wild cards on the Joker Poker machines, and 4 wild cards on the Deuces Wild machines.

It seems that although Windows 8 technology may not be fully up to speed, players are still finding their way around the downsides. That means just because you have a Windows 8 phone and thought you could do everything as you could with an Android, but you can’t, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play in the online casinos. All you need is a bit of get up and go to find the work around because sooner or later Windows 8, IOS, and Android will all be fighting for the mobile operating system market, and so Windows apps will be arriving alongside this market share battle. 

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