Random Number Generators

By Maria McCoyGoogle
You may hear of so many people that claim that the card systems are rigged, but for those of you that do claim this maybe it’s time for a visit to your local casino to test out the real thing. Here you will experience just as many upswings and downswings as you would playing online. The only difference is that online you are less likely to remember the big wins because that’s human nature. If you have previously been to the casino and experienced a big win, then because of the live atmosphere and length of time playing you are more likely to remember that visit.

It’s easy to forget the umpteen other times you visited other casinos and lost. Poker is exactly the same because players generally like to talk about their success stories and not focus on their losses.

RnGs or Random Number Generators will take the bulk of the blame for downswings. Mainly because we naturally find it hard to believe a machine as it can easily be programmed. Live slot machines are programmed in the same way RnGs are. Although today most live slot machines are played with computer screens rather than old reel versions that most of grew up with.

In the end, it is the RnG that controls the slots whether they are live, old version machine with real reels or whether you are playing an online version of the game. The one thing we must understand about gambling is not the RnG, but it is the up and downswings that gambling dishes out. The problem is that most of us quit on our downswings and so our last memory was that disastrous loss where we are sure the casino cheated us out of the money.

Really, you are not hitting your upswing or you may have already hit that upswing and then lost all your cash on your downswing. RnGs essentially mimic the real games you’ll play in the casino, and that is exactly the reason why sometimes you will visit the live casinos and have a good night, but on another occasion you go back and your luck wasn’t with you on your subsequent visit. This is the nature of the game gamblers need to understand.

In actual fact RnGs are not even that complicated as far as software programming goes, but they are reliable, safe, secure and most of random as the name implies.

PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Red Casino as well as BetSoft and Microgaming slots have all utilised RnGs successfully and consistently boast about pros in the games they host making money through strategy and skill. There is no way the casino room or poker room has favoured these players because some of them do exactly the same in the live game.

In the end RnGs are not to blame. It is tactics, how to make the most out of no deposit casino bonus codes, how to use you strategy, and most of all how to recognise and control your up and down swings.

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