Rarely Recognised Casino Bonus Promotions

By Debra SaundersGoogle
However, some of these ROI busters are still not known by the average Joe playing at the online casinos and poke rooms.

One particular bonus has been out for a while now, but some people are still unaware of its value when playing on the casino table games.

Insurance is basically a way to give punters better odds on their gambles in the online casinos. Depending on a members VIP level at the end of every month, the player is basically given back a percentage of his or her losses. A pretty neat system to say the least, and one of the best casino bonus schemes around at the moment for players that love to calculate the odds.

Many of the online casinos have caught on to this idea mainly because it means their punters, especially the high stake players, can throw a lot more cash at the slots and table games. As for other players that are a bit more frugal about the way they play, they will continue to plug away at their usual stakes and claim back their losses thus cutting down on their monthly online gambling hobby.

On the poker circuit, Ultimate Poker recently had a similar deal going, but with its tournaments. Its No-Verlay tournaments meant that if the number of buy-ins reached the same figure as the guarantee prize pool paid out, all the player would be refunded their buy-in amount and the guarantee would stand as the final amount to be distributed to the cash spots. 

It’s not strictly insurance, but it is a great way to loosen up the tournament play and get the players in the mood for some risky all-ins. In the end those that cash if the No-verlay comes into action will receive a considerable ROI because effectively the tournament becomes Freeroll.

Similarly 888 Poker launched a deal on their New Jersey site where all players would get their Rake refunded. Basically, they were playing cash games online with no rake going to the house. On top of this, there was a period of time where all tournaments were absent of a buy-in fee, which was also a good way stimulate more interest in playing sit and goes and MTTs.

Searching for casino bonuses on a constant basis is tough, but it is also not something that is impossible.

Most online gamblers today do not stick to just one casino account because they find that the various promotions being handed out at different times can often be more lucrative than sticking to just one casino and building up a higher VIP level. Of course this always depends on whether the player is a high stakes or low stakes grinder.

Keep an eye out for promotions here at CasinoBonusReviews.com, as we try to give you the latest casino bonuses as they are released on a month by month basis.

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