Real Money Gambling on Facebook

By Debra SaundersGoogle

There has been much buzz lately about the possibility that Facebook will allow real money gambling applications to operate in the UK market.  According to recent reports, Facebook will provide special licenses for operators who will run online gaming via the Facebook platform.  It is reasonable to assume that Facebook will only be authorized to license online casinos that are already authorized by the official regulatory authorities.  One recent report claimed that online casinos 888 and Gamesys have already been tagged as potential partners for the new enterprise.  This news will have implications for online casino players who can now enjoy another avenue for more free play bonus offers.

Though online gaming has been popular on Facebook apps for quite some time, there has been a debate for as long as the apps have been around whether or not the apps have any real money potential.  For example, Zynga Poker, though it has many players, it remains to be seen how players would deposit real money.  One suggestion is that players can deposit money directly to Facebook and receive in exchange “Facebook credits.”  Players can then use those credits for gambling or for other alternative commercial ventures.  Theoretically, Facebook could even take a percentage in the same way credit cards companies collect fees from online casinos. The top online casino brands will certainly take full advantage of this and offer more to their players.

Another issue yet to be solved is age verification.  Though Facebook claims to offer its services only to people of a certain age, there is no effective tool employed for accurate age verification. 

Possibly the most interesting thing to see if Facebook gambling goes live will be the effect of social consumption.  There is the possibility that games or casinos can go viral.  Facebook friendships and social network interconnections can have a big impact on the way people play multiplayer games.  Time will tell to what degree online gaming will move to Facebook.

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