Reuters: New Yorkers Support Legalizing Casino Gambling

By Debra SaundersGoogle


In an article published today by Reuters, the global news agency reported that according to a recent opinion poll, New York residents (based upon a sample of  1,061 eligible voters), support legalized casino gambling by a 56-37 margin.  Advocates for legalizing gambling are using this to support their push to bring gambling to New York, especially now, when the state is in dire need of the extra dollars that it would make from such an endeavor.


Currently, New York allows gambling only on Native America land or slot machines at horse racing tracks.  In order for New York to be able to build it’s own version of Nevada’s Las Vegas or neighboring New Jersey’s Atlantic City, it US constitution would first have to be amended, not an easy (or fast) feat.


The poll was conducted by Quinnipiac University and among other things, it showed that 64% of respondents felt that creating a casino industry would be good for the state economy and therefore, good for New Yorkers.  New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo (Democrat) is trying to push for small changes to the current legislation that include legalizing specific additional games like blackjack and roulette.  He feels that even this small change could bring much-needed revenues to the state. He is set to announce whether or not he will go forward and push this agenda by January 2012.



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