Rising Online Casino Jackpots

By Maria McCoyGoogle


An unlucky string of big hit losers has opened the door for potentially very lucky winners.  Many online casinos’ progressive jackpots have gone unclaimed for quite some time; this means that the collective jackpot amount is on the rise.


Currently, the Microgaming jackpot pool is standing in its standard position above five million dollars.  It had temporarily relinquished the top position due to the low hits from its two major networks; however, this week they jumped major barriers and are standing still.  Major Millions, who has both 5-reel and 3-reel video slots, past the $1 million mark for the first time in two years.  The minimum bet for each is three dollars and both offer a chance at the progressive jackpot.  In the last two years, the winnings hadn’t past $500,000.  Mega Moolah also contributed its share to the Microgaming pool; their 4-reel video slot just past $3 million.


Playtech is next in line with the second largest jackpot - $4.8 million.  Their pool is growing thanks to many smaller games and various networks.  Beach Life, their flagship game, has grown 3,800% in three months.  Marvel Ultimate Power, the pool that collects from all the Marvel games, is now at $800,000. 


Close behind Playtech is Realtime Gaming’s jackpot – $4.7 million.  They have four progressive jackpots that have not been won in two years.  Though this might have created some frustrated players over the last two years, the winner of this two-year mega jackpot is going to be very, very happy.

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